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It's fine if my character still has to not move, but it would be a super nice QoL for me, since I want to be able to craft an exact amount, or craft all, without getting a hand cramp from holding the button for five minutes straight :')
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You can hold space! Click the button then hold it down for maximum comfort button pressing!
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Hello there,

I agree with that. Adding a queue to the Crafting Station would be recommended as well as a "Cancel" or "Stop" button.

3 buttons: "Craft X-times, Craft All, Cancel" in which one can be switched into various values just by clicking onto it:

Craft 1x / 5x / 10x / 25x / 50x / 100x ....

If using the "Craft All" button, so you are free to stop the queue at any times.

Additionally to this, the Crafting Bench window could be moved a bit higher, so we can see the centered white text better when acquiring stuff. Actually less than half of the text can be seen @1080p.
I would really enjoy this it would save alot of time esp in the early game. I put my xbox controller on the space button or the enter button that is by the number keys. Bit it still takes along time in the early game to craft alot of items

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Being required to hold down the craft button balances the power of the crafting station with the power of the constructors. The game motivates you to build a larger, more efficient factory by making it uncomfortable to craft large volumes of items by hand.
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Pretty much that ^
It makes no sense to have a fast craft.
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I guess, but I'd still have to wait the time and not be able to do other things- while progressing there's just points where there's some stuff you *have* to craft by hand, and sometimes it's a small quantities thing too. I want only 10 of an item, and have to hope I stop holding at the right half second to get it to work for me.
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Don't worry about over crafting.
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Thats a good point too - the items are so generic (aside from the chainsaw) that you will always need more of them. There's no point getting exact amounts.
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again, I'm not asking for it to be faster-I just want to be able to select quantity. I don't see why this would decentivize automation, since I'd still be stuck standing in front of my craft bench waiting for my items to complete. I just don't like being unable to set quantities, and it would greatly improve my experience to have that option.
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Place 5 lb weight on left mouse button.

Walk away
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Or buy a programmable mouse, like I did. I programmed button 4 to be a toggle-able button 1. I just toggle it and go grab a snack while things craft.
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sounds funny lol
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you lazy bastard :P (no offense! that was actually a factorio archievement for beeing super lazy and only crafting a tiny amount of items with your hands until u finish the game ;) )
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