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Near the bridge where there is a WIP Artifact, there is a large Fluffy tail hog (Charger as I like to call it) guarding it, I found 2 trees that when using the chainsaw, they never break when the resources are given to the player, I was on a friends world at the time, haven't tested it as the host, I did record a video of the location and the bug.
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Here is a link the video which I just uploaded to Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwZF6Rmkx9w&t

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I don't get why people is downvoting you. It certainly looks like a bug.

Can someone confirm if this happens in solo play?
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I tested it in my own world (with no other players in-game) and the trees did disappear, but it still is a bug.
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It does.  I've found a ton of trees that have this problem.  the trees vanish but they come back when you're not close to them, even in solo.  There's at least a couple dozen of them that behave like this I've found so far, but then I've only deforested the southern half of the map completely so far, I will probably find more.
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