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How about to implement something like a harvester, which is harvesting the surrounding wood/leaves? Or something like a Biodome which is producing wood/leaves?
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I believe biomass energy is intentionally manual, until you research coal, which then can be fully automated.
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Even if kept as a manual vehicle, this isn't a bad idea. Making a thresher to drive as you explore that picks up all the leaves, sticks, flowers, and food items as you drive over them would be pretty cool.

The idea of an automated sickle robot going around and harvesting a greenhouse that grows flowers and berries is a nice thought, too
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The vehicles also need biofuel.
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I would agree as long as the design "manual" is kept. I mean, if you have a means to, as you approach items, auto-gather them, that's fine (will bloat your inventory in no time! haha), but that'd be really a quality of life improvement -- avoiding tendinitis of so much keypresses to pick everything up.

In fact, partially the chainsaw comes to improve this, it gathers an area surrounding you when you cut some wood, so that's something. We could have an early game item that allows us just to point to the bushes and gather them without hitting the key (tendinitties) several times! :D
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yeah and make an automated farm would be cool
so that you can automate medical inhalers
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