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A few ideas here.  Firstly around monitoring operations from your HQ (and perhaps cut down remote facilities).  Allow the player to construct remote camera's which can be set-on variable size posts (like the conveyer belts) or if possible on the side of terrain, and structures.  To sweep 90-360deg depending on the placement.  Depending on the number possible, they can be given a short ID code and colour - and can be selected from the monitoring stations of the HQ, to either view or manually control.   To encourage exploration the HQ could have a region satellite map which start off blank, but gets populated as you physically travel and explore.  Initially showing only way point markers and mineral deposits, and camera positions but with further tech eventually showing your buildings allowing you to zoom to see your individual sites, and then allowing power overlays.  More tech allowing upgrading to the ability to track your automated vehicles, and tagged velociraptors .

Late game allow some degree of remote manipulation from the map.  Firstly allowing the ability to turn off and on individual power nodes, and power generators to remotely to redirect power.  Then to remotely access and control key components to turn them off or on, change their active blueprints and be able to close or open paths for your splitters and mergers. Final stage allowing the remote control of vehicles (activating/deactivating) or piloting with remote camera.

If the wildlife ever get organised, then this would give the ability to control automated defenses and sensors, to protect our vital interests in bringing the light of progress to this wonderful Eden of a new world.  Perhaps better as an idea for the Conquistifactory expansion.

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I also had this idea in a similar way. For the remote control system it would be a console like the crafting workbench. It would be connected to your factory with a power connection (maybe make it use a little bit of power; idk). Accessing it would show a screen that lists different groups of machines. Crafting: smelters and constructors etc, Logistics: vehicles and storage containers etc, and Power: generators and power lines etc. When a group is clicked it would list the machines in that group. You could then name those machines to differentiate them and when clicked you would see the configuration of the machine. You could then edit the config, turn it on and off etc. All from the control console. Then you can manage your factory without even directly accessing each machine individually. Or something like this
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Neat - I was also originally thinking of an idea like a schematic of the various systems with linkages ; but I think having also having a map which players can gradually upgrade and encourages exploration and after upgrading allowing them to place different beacons and waypoints could be also fun to share with other players.  To get around the problem of finding your bases to activate things I thought there could be a number of programmable views that the map would jump to (in combination with overlays).

Of course there would be no technical reason not to have the map as a portable satellite map that the player has from the start of the game after all you are deployed from orbit; but then no real incentive to travel everywhere to complete it...
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Just wanted to add my $0.20 to this suggestion regarding remote monitoring: I'm a mechanical engineer for a firm that does a bit of work in factories. A lot of industrial equipment these days has an option to connect to a Building Automation System via IP or some other proprietary network protocol. Maybe it could be a late tier upgrade to be able to add network cards to machines that give you the ability to remotely track parameters like fuel level, efficiency, output, active recipe, remaining capacity in storage container etc. Players could set up alarms for if a certain parameter went above or below a threshold. It would also give you the option to put a machine in standby mode or change the recipe on a constructor. Trends could be tracked either on screens in the Hub or on a portable monitor. These are all things that a Building Automation System would be capable of in real life.
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I suggest building a Central Computer that monitors/controls everything connected by cables, and have a tablet you can construct to remotely monitor and could send you alerts like when MAM has completed, when a biomass generator is low on fuel, Allow you to put devices in and out of standby, and general let you know when you have a production issue. When a storage is full, percentage of storage used. Whats in the storage.  I mean the possibilities are endless.
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I was just starting to write a suggestion about the need to remotely control power switch to machines, so I can turn off stuff to save power consumption when needed.

You got my vote ;)
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