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So after a long test, the game is one of the games that I definitely do not want to miss in the factory area. I love the game really much it comes the full factorio feeling on one tries to screw at each point and ways to shorten shortening simplify and pack together to ensure the clarity of larger projects. However, it would be nice to have a suspension that contains more than just a post for conveyor belts or a way to be able to put these together at the same height that would be only visually but just nice to have. Furthermore, I noticed that one can drive the car either by itself or by autopilot would be nice that the car can also carry one by autopilot. a probably small bug is that the parachutes are not single but consume in the stack. The game has not crashed once during the entire 21 hours of playtime. I did not even have to respawn because I was hanging or something like that. respect for the very stable and clean programming. I have not noticed a major problem that would have ruined my playing fun. I am very patient with games. the technical implementation is well done and that makes me happy because I love technical building about everything. a few aids, such as a grid that you can turn on and off and possibly even configure yourself. That would help to achieve a straight line in the construction of conveyor belts. I just like straight conveyor belts rather than a haywire. in order to solve this, I converted with floors and 3x wall conveyor to a transport block which gives a pleasant picture. It would also be nice if you do not set the conveyor belt for each curve so that it looks neat an intermediate point must simply initiate the curve then if you want that. partly due to the use of 3x wall conveyors, the intermediate point is slightly lower than the walls. but all these are subtleties. I hope that the remaining 3 animals will be just as beautiful as the first 3 because I bought the game directly. Without question it is the best factory game for years if not ever. I tend to the second. Keep up the good work and if you notice any bugs I just put them under this post. In this sense I think that I said everything that was important and hope that someone reads it through even if it is a bit longer and looking forward to the 19th and for an answer. have fun and good luck with the further work on the game.
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