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I feel like adding a standby/power button to conveyor belts, splitters, mergers, storage containers could make a lot of things easier to manage or even better looking.
I would love to see this because i feel i could do more with my belts and factories right now if this was a feature.
I want to be able to manage how many items are stored in storage containers before they get sent back out to another constructor. I could set it to standby so it stops storing things and just passes items through. I could then turn it back on when i dont want it passing items through and instead want to store things.
If i could turn off belts i could also just turn off the belts on the outside of the storage container until the container is filled. It would also be nice to stop items before they start storing in constructors/storage.
Id even love to see for the ability to turn off a splitter so its just a pass through when its off.
I know not all of this is at all needed but i love having more control over everything going on and this would actually allow me to enjoy the game a bit more.

The main one that actually would be useful to add ofc would be the storage containers being able to store items before sending them out.

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Watch this space - its an ALPHA, limited to tier 3.   much of the community is expecting more logic control coming in higher tiers
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