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When i first started playing the game i wanted to place down a hub near the iron, then i realized the copper was really far away and thought i could place another one down over there.

I see no point in not being able to place down 2 hubs. Cant even think of a single reason that makes sense for this.
I want to be able to have hubs far away from each other so i can still manage milestones and craft and analyze when im not at my main base. If i want to be able to make outposts they wont be true outposts unless they can have hubs.

I think its also extremely important to allow us to do this so that in multiplayer games friends can have their own factories/cities they build apart from each other. My friend does not enjoy playing this game singleplayer and when he plays with me hes just basically tagging along without any real say in how things are done. He doesnt want to make things with resources and parts ive already put time into making. He wont feel accomplished by making anything with resources he didnt set up himself.
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Good call very needed.
I can see many reason why allowing us to dismantle or move the hub might be dodgy - but I can see no reason at all (beyond poor coding) to prevent us building another one.  Ideally, we should be able to build and remove hubs as we like, as long as we always have at least one.

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@SmartBadger - you CAN dismantle and relocate the current hub.

you CAN craft storage boxes and crafting benches and Biomass generators for your remote outposts.

"Currently" (read - in the limited alpha)   the only things the HUB does that can't be replicated elsewhere are the MAM research and the blueprint / tech tier advancement.

personally i see no need for more than the one hub.  'hub' after all is the center - not the spokes or the rim.  

If you are REALLY concerned about being able to do more research or advancements while you're away from home, dismantle the hub and take it with you.    It'll take a LOT of clear space to place it down compared to a Crafting Bench - but that's just another problem to overcome.   And don't tell me you need to leave it at home while you're away - i'm sure you can make more biomass generators to compensate.

in multiplayer the advancements are shared, so whoever comes to the hub and donates the last products can hit launch and everyone benefits.   If you have a Friend that wants to play in the same world, but seperatly - the research is the only overlap (MAM or Tier advancement)
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Yeah i see what your saying, but from an aesthetic standpoint id like to be able to have a hub at every outpost, its also nice to be able to access the research and stuff when im not at my main base. Either way this should be enough to warrant allowing for multiple hubs it just seems pointless to restrict this.

The main issue i have and why i want multiple hubs is i would want the resources and tech and stuff to not be shared with my friend. He feels that theres no real reward or satisfaction in building because hes just using my materials to build rather than things hes earned. Hes basically just tagging along on my save and if hes not as good at the game as me hell just feel like its pointless to setup outposts. So the only real purpose he has atm is to just do grunt work for me and i think thats really dumb.
If he could go setup another hub even if we shared stuff he could be building his own stuff and getting new assembly lines setup to expedite our unlocking of tiers. It would also give him his own sense of ownership and accomplishment within my save.
The main point is that without a hub even if we do share stuff he wont be able to have his own area to build in because hell have to get all the resources if he wants to contribute to the tiers and then drive all the resources to my hub to contribute.
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easy fix - play separate worlds.
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Coming from someone who plays in groups for Factorio and similar games online I side with the OP on this one. although it's possible to play independently after unlocking a few quick tiers it would be nice to have a sense of independent progression especially if the devs plan to add more content people relying on *Speculative* late game optimization /logistics options in the same game would result in different solutions to problems and more fun when walking to your buddies base to see that its literally opposite and equal to your own. It isn't required to enjoy the game. but at least the option wouldn't hurt.
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What the devs could do is allow the "drop ships" (things with hard drives) to be dismantled after opening and use those as hub parts. That way you're still fairly limited to when and how many hubs you can have.

Would be kinda nice to he able to have a home away from home if you plan on being in another biome of the map to work on your extended factory. I regularly make long trips back to the first hub and it would be splendid to have a second or third
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Yeah ive been really hurting to setup another base across the map i wanna start getting crude oil going but i havent unlocked the fuel generator yet, was hoping to get the crude oil going so i could unlock it but its hard when the coal is across the map from the oil and the oil is across the map from my base ><
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I currently just set up a fuel gen site. my goal was 2.5km from my base. I actually have like simulatious site now haha. I recommend building your power on top of your coal/oil make one trip running powerlines home then using the tractor/ truck to run any coal. I'm really liking using the vehicles I have a factory that only makes iron components, an Oil Plant that im converting to all my power and that delivers only fuel to all my other sites, working on converting my coal plant into somewhere that just pumps out steal to the central factory. It's been slower than my friends but I think it's really satisfying to network the whole map.
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