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I love being able to make all my conveyor belts look extremely clean with 90 degree turns and straight belts wherever possible. Its already harder to do than id like it to be. I also love the look of the terrain, grass, bushes, trees, and i hate covering it up with the same foundation piece just patterned out making ugly massive square buildings.

If there would be any way to map the terrain so objects snap to mapped terrain that would be amazing. Say i could place an invisible foundation that snaps to an already placed standard foundation, then i could just place a building onto the snap points of the invisible foundation. The building could then just place itself as close to the actual terrain as possible. This doesnt seem like too crazy an idea considering a lot of buildings already have bases that sink through the floor so that it appears as if its actually connected to the floor.
Hell i think even foundations with big glass windows in them would look better than how they currently are for what im wanting. I feel like why even find a nice place on the map if im just gonna make a massive flat plane that covers up all the terrain it comes in contact with.
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In a similar vein, it'd be cool if you could manufacture an interactive map for your base, using one of the screens in the living area. Basically you can use it to see where and what your beacons are, as well as your constructions and maybe a shroud of war type unveiling of areas when you explore them.
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