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The actual bug is that when building the conveyor belts you can't have them place a post on the foundation joins - and the "floor too steep" message is what you get.

To  work around this you can place the post manually, and then connect the conveyor to it.
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While your're exactly correct, it's good to bring this issue up so it gets put on the list of things to fix. The workaround is just lots of extra unnecessary clicking and swapping between building stuff which wastes time you could be spending on meaningful things.
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The precision is nice to add, I wanted to say the same thing about it.
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Annnnd its a bug mentioned many times before, hence duplicated and why i didn't go into upvoting etc rather than just helping the guy out ;-)
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Placing a pole first isn't always a solution.

Here's one example:

 * build a row of storage containers side-by-side
 * select a conveyer type, aim into the output port of the container, and double-click

Result: a super short section of belt that lets you see what's in the container. Unless you hit the "Floor is not flat" issue, in which case you can't place the belt. You can place the pole manually, but because of how close to the container it needs to be, you can't hook to it; it's not possible to find an aim point that hits the 'back' side of the post.

If there are other known work-arounds I'd like to here about it.
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