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I decided to try to get up to the platform on the space elevator.

Unfortunately (though not entirely unexpectedly), I hit the skybox before making it there.

I was able to build ~3 Conveyor Poles higher than I could climb myself. Attempting to up climb the ladder through the skybox ended up moving me slowly away from the ladder (think climbing backwards across the ceiling:

Deconstructing those top few let me step on to the top of one right below the limit. Jumping while up there moves you laterally, eventually off the platform:

jumping at the top

If you catch one of the conveyor supports before ~mid way down, you die from falling. If you let your ragdoll continue to fall, when it hits the ground - it goes right through the ground into a pink mist, and eventually grey (didn't capture that long):

end of the fall

Since your body chest is placed when you click to respawn, anything you took with you on this adventure into the underworld is lost forever (despite the corpse marker showing up where you hit the ground).

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Followup - I let the game run with the all grey screen as long as it took me to write up this post. When I did finally click to respawn, the respawn.bat screen hung with ~3 bars of Saving World, until eventually the game closed. Seemed like a crash, but I didn't get a crash report dialog.

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Well dang.


Guess I was bouncing off of the platform itself, and should have gone around!

Still, the interaction with the platform and ragdolling through the ground and losing equipment seems like an issue.
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