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When I tried to load my game with the “continue” button, I spawned without my inventory. I did have the xenozapper, but it wasn’t equipped, just like when the player just starts the game. Nothing else that I noticed changed.

I exited without saving, and loaded my game from the “load game” instead.I had all my inventory back.

Please fix this bug.
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ValereaOrden i have exactly the same symptoms as you mentioned.. I've tried removing the game, all files (also those left after uninstall), fresh Epic GL installation, fresh game download. new offline save and same thing happened. Also i have no news in the game and it says that i cannot create online session whenever i try to load/create new game (even SOLO!).
And like you said when you close the game it is still running in the background, well "running" cause it doesn't use CPU nor GPU but I've noticed that V-Ram is being locked and Epic GL shows that game is running.

Devs we seriously need a fix for this.. it's pointless to play when you loose your inventory and spawn back in the base whenever you enter the game.
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I have discovered that with the Xeno Basher I can kill/unstatue my previous player characters stuck in the world. Once there knocked out/killed they rag doll to the ground and if there head lamps are on create spot lighting. After exiting the game and continuing; the dead player characters are missing. No loot dropped. But this seems to get rid of these space fillers.
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I found out that the issue is the game thinking you are not the same person. Whenever you start the game, you need to be online. When you first get in, there will be a brief screen that says "Welcome [Name]". If the name that shows there is not your Epic ID, then don't save that game. Completely close the game (exit to desktop and kill in task manager if it is still running). The start it up and try again.

In my first game, the welcome message said "Welcome 257", so when I tried to load the game again, the player named 257 was not me so I spawned as a new character. I have also seen a name like "Invaldpcuser" or something like that as well as other numbered names.

So, make sure you only play online (can be a private game, just make sure you are online) and make sure it recognizes your Epic ID when it welcomes you. Otherwise, there is no way to log in as that same player again in the future.

Also, when you do have a valid play session, make sure to save before you quit. Don't rely on autosave because the autosave could be overwritten in the future by a bad session an then you have a new character stuck standing in your world.
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Okay! I wish there was a central location that this info was on, but had a look at Satisfactory reddit and found this gem:
Known Issues + some solutions

Just posting a few of the major known bugs and some (temporary) solutions. We were hoping to have a patch out by now, but we need to ensure that the patch is safe and so things are taking a little longer than expected. Apologies for that but I can assure you we see the reports and we're listening! As annoying as the bugs are for you, they are - imo - WAY more annoying for us as this is a passion project of ours and it genuinely hurts to see you all experiencing these bugs.

Really sorry. We're doing our best! :3

Onto the issues!


Issue: Can’t play/join multiplayer because login on start-up fails. (A good
indicator is nothing showing in the News Feed)

Fix: Disable Send Game Data in the Options Menu. Doesn't seem to work for
everyone, but it does help for a lot of folks. We are currently testing
a proper solution for this.

Issue: Can’t save the game.  

Fix: For example on Windows Defender, you can allow the Satisfactory executable
through controlled folder access. Make sure to add the right .exe, the folder
path could look like this:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame\Binaries\Win64\FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping.exe

We are currently testing a proper solution for this.

Information on how to allow an app through controlled folder access:

Issue: Crashes in Multiplayer referencing the Replication Graph.

We don’t have a workaround, but are currently testing a solution for this.

Issue: Can't go into windowed mode/full screen and shows a black screen.

Fix: In your epic launcher, open settings (found in the bottom left of the launcher).
Scroll to the bottom, you will see Satisfactory Early Access. Click it to expand it.
Click "Additional Command Line Arguments". Add "-WINDOWED" (without quotes).
Run the game. This will force windowed mode.

So give the "Don't send data to devs" option a try. It worked for me. Also, I hope they find a fix soon. I actually want to send my data to help improve the game!
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Same issue, both on weekend save and 1 fresh world since release.

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Same for me. I deleted the whole session but in a new game the same happens. It's frustrating :(
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I found out, that if i close the game, the task of satisfactory is still running. Exiting the game isn't killing the task - maybe thats a part of the problem?
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somehow the game was blocked in my windows defender firewall once i unblocked it game operated as intended with no issues maybe try checking that if u are having issues
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You probably got the disconnection problem. When you try to get back to your session but you are offline the game "clones" you and you got only an unequipped xeno-zapper.

Look around, your previous you can be standing in the exact point where you left yourself.
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To fix this. I build 3 personal storage. Keep all my stuff including the equipped ones. Then I save the game. When I load it with a different character. I take all the stuff and kill the player. Nuisance but it works.
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I had this same issue last night when my ISP did a 'scheduled maintenance'.  I thought I could still log in and play, when I did so, I saw my world as I saved it, but I spawned in the HUB with only the zeno zapper in my inventory.  I walked outside and saw myself sanding there.

This problem likely has to do with lost internet connection sometime during the load.  If you are able to log back into the internet and try to reload the game it would likely spawn you just as you had been with all your stuff.
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This isn't a bug. You're supposed to be online on the internet at all times when playing Satisfactory, even single player. If you're not on the internet then this happens. Make sure you're on the internet before you start the game to avoid this from happening.
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