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I had pain in the initial stages of the game with handcrafting.  Building my first Portable Miner from ores was a chore of running back and forth between the Workshop and the Bench, and any time I go away from a menu, I have a chance to forget what I needed.  Once I learned about the ToDo list, these sorts of things got easier, but maybe not easy enough.  I think these adding these features to the To Do list could help streamline that, without changing the tuning of the handcrafting experience

  1. When in the correct crafting station, To Do list items and their components are clickable, allowing for selecting those items for crafting and showing their cost.  
  2. Components on a To Do list have a button to "promote" or "expand" them, showing the ingredients needed for them.  Alternatively, clicking the component name and dragging it up to the top of the list could promote it

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The expand idea is great and really helpful! However I dont feel a need for point one, after 10h you get to remember every crafring you need ;)
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