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During the mission that forces you to equip the xeno-zapper, if you fall into an abyss it becames almost imposible to advance since you need to find the dead body to recover the xeno-zapper ( it happened to me and i had to start a new game )

The same would happen when you dismantle your initial pod and you fall
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That doesn't seem like a bug, more like the game intentionally becoming harder for people who make a beeline for the abyss the minute they leave the capsule.
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Between bug report, suggestion and in-game help ( the three options available ) i thought that it was the right one ( sorry if i am mistaken ).

I doubt it is intentionally. In fact it can make new players to feel lost ( like me, and im veteran in this kind of games ). And there are multiple solutions : dont lose items on death until you have built your base or limit player movement until you have completed the first steps of the game.

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You can build a new xeno zapper at your workshop but it's very expensive to build.
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You can´t, since you don´t have base at that moment. And you can´t build a base since the recipe only appears after you have equipped a xeno zapper ( you can´t craft anything at that moment ).
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