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Dear Devs,

I had a great time playing Satisfactory during the alpha test, just reaching tier 3 and stopping there. I would like to test out the trucks and coal but run out of time. The chainsaw was great really helped with the biomass loop.

Some things I would like to see:

1) An easier way to build. I think less rotations would help and  some indication when an object is at the same depth as another as this is very difficult to judge. I tried the tower but still struggled.

2) Some way of naming or showing either what is getting stored or being built

3) Deconstructing conveyor belts also deconstructs the poles.

4) Power poles with only 4 connections? Give me a break this race has mastered interstellar travel with power poles with only 4 connections?

5) Decrease the size of buildings by 25%. Or I guess I just have to master building up. Though it is great seeing the space elevator from so far.

6) Being able to pick up ore from portable miners without going into the menu.

7) Performance: I had to switch to medium graphics once I had a few buildings going.

8) Is there a way to hotkey portable miners, chainsaw, and the xenozapper? I couldn't find it, having to go into the inventory each time is pain.

9) Is there a way to put away and pull out the chainsaw? The brrmm brrrmm noise gets a bit annoying.

10) Oh and a map would be great.

Great game looking forward to playing early access.

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1) Use foundations. It makes placing building so much easier as you can align then to the foundation.

4) This also bugged me, but it adds an interesting aspect to the game.

5) They do mention finding a large open flat piece of land near iron or you're going to struggle.

6) Yes, definitely this!

7) Alpha...

8) I also couldn't find a way of hot-keying what I wanted. Made sudden combat while I was chainsawing extremely intense.

10) This, and/or a mini-map.

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You should post each bug or suggestion seperately, so that they can be dealt with one at a time.

Additionally, when writing a describing title a list of similar posts will appear, so you can check for duplicates. wink

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