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I am a big fan of Factorio, and last year I saw a similar game announcement at E3, only with a first-person perspective. Immediately leave the application to participate in the alpha. Carefully followed invites, but they were all by. And here, on the eve of March 8, I receive joyful news about participation in the next alpha.

Game look PERFECT

In this Weekend i play over 20 hours, find all availible progress and all interesting place. But there are some things that i didn't like.


1. Too more agressive mobs in start location. U lending in new planet walk 50 meter and u attacked 2 agressive boar. May be need more safety room for new player and some first resources in start location.


2. Belt crossing belt look too bad.



Flying platfor look bad too


3. Chainsaw is too cheaty. When i use chainsaw at tree i harvest leaf and wood, but i can use chainsaw at flower and i harvest leaf, flower petals and LIMESTONE!!! (decorative rocks). I think its a bug. And some freezy when use chainsaw (i5, gtx1070, 16RAM, 2560*1440, ultra).


4. AI too stupid.

Flaffy-tailed Hog stuck in the trees, cant climb a low rock or hill and still standing. May be he must run away when cant attack target?

HINT: I can build ramps, clinb on it and stroke him, he stay near and cant move.

Fire Spitter try to attack player, but attack behind trees and rocks looks too uselees. May be need use clear trace between player and creatures?

HINT: I can build ramps and walls and count the number polygons in the models or statistic of use creatures spells. May be fire/acid spells can destroy walls?


Spider and suicide fly looks good.

5. All creatures attack only player and dont touch building. Player have challenge only in first location and when capture first ore place before build portable miner. After player find technology and craft raw gun game getting too easy. No one mob not dungerous (one-two fire and he die, 6-8 for big mobs). May be need limited resources or forbid build anything anywhere.

Why i need jatpack if i have many walkways and parachute?





6. Hotkey is too useless. In this game i need ATTACK, DEF, and HEAL for survive and every second too expencive, but i must push TAB, drag and drop berry to hand and push LMB for dont die. And i always have actionbar for fast buildind. I build 10% time and 90% explore and survive and i dont have fast change gun/heal.


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Chainsaw does an AoE gather when it completes its cycle. That's why you are getting limestone, there is a bit of limestone source within the AoE effect.
e.g. bushes nearby get harvested. Also most unharvestable large trees also get hervested by the AoE if you chainsaw a smaller tree next to it.
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Ok, but why i cant gather limestone anywhere? Why i must use chainsaw for gather rock?
If i want getting wood i use chainsaw, when i want gather rock are ore i use pickaxe or drill.
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There is limestone deposits same as iron and copper. You can scan for them using mineral scan process. Where I chose to build was 3 iron deposits by a cliff and a limestone deposit very close by. You do not have to use chainsaw to gather limestone, just a little extra during chainsaw harvest. LOL you have built harvester on the limestone deposit the the 2nd from bottom picture above.
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Great pictures thanks :) My entire base apart from the elevator would have fit on one floor of yours :)

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AI too stupid

 After player find technology and craft raw gun game getting too easy..

 In this game i need ATTACK, DEF, and HEAL for survive

Sounds a bit contradictory mate......is it too easy or too hard?

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Before gun game challenge u, after to easy. You walk with gan against the primitive with spears.
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