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Hi all,

first of all I would like to say that this is an impressive idea with a great potential. Everybody I talked to about this game would really like to try it.

Now, to the suggestion/s:

  • See the interior of splitters/mergers: so far the insides of these logistic devices are obscured as in a black box. Their mechanism is simple enough to see how it is done in the interior. I have seen here and there that you would like to stand out as a different game than "factorio but in 3D". Well, I see things like these realism features a very good chance of doing so. The devil is in the details.
  • Accurate construction animations: following the same realism line, it would be awesome to see how the arms inside the constructor build the item they were supposed to build (instead of the iron bars, as it is now). In addition, this would allow to remove the "black box" that can also be seen in constructors, so you actually see how the item that was built in the interior exits the constructor. It would be so cool and unique!
  • Textures and bodies of conveyor belts and what they carry: another realism feature, this one has been requested in different ways by others; here I would like to unify them with some sense to it. So far conveyor belts can go through the ground and through other belts. In addition, the items they carry can go through all these things as well. It would be really nice if they were more than just textures for this matter: to be impossible for them to go through others and through the ground. In addition, it would be super awesome to extend this to the items they carry, so you would have, for instance, to take into account the size of the items carried before having a belt over the first one.
  • I would like to do a bonus fourth suggestion: so far belts can't be built on terrain that has any deposit below, even though it wouldn't disturb the miner. It would be nice to have a little more freedom in this regard: if we fuck up and put belts where the miner should be, we'll learn and move said belt.
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The game is in alpha. While it looks and feels significantly better than any early access I've played in such early stages, it still needs a lot of work. I don't think realism should receive any attention until the final polishing phases, especially since 3 of 4 things you suggest require a LOT of work without adding a lot to the gameplay or value - that is in comparison with other features.

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You should post each bug or suggestion seperately, so that they can be dealt with one at a time.

Additionally, when writing a describing title a list of similar posts will appear, so you can check for duplicates. wink

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Thanks! will do!
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