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i played the game for 3+ hours so far and its been great but... i have never build a more messy and disorganized  base before in my life there is just no practical way to see where all the buildings line up to one another, i researched the watch tower but it is the most impractical method possible, we have spaceships... cant we have drones with cameras to justify a topdown view button thats given to us from the start of the game please.

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I think that lookout tower should be stackable. If we would be able to construct one on top of another it would be as high as sky view
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I would expect at some point not too far into research you should be able to craft a "build drone":
- It occupies an inventory slot.
- It has to be equipped in the hand slot to be used.
- You can build directly from the drone camera.
- The drone has a limited range.
- Maybe it's range can be upgraded?
- Maybe it consumes fuel?
- Of course the player can get attacked while using the drone.
- The drone can also be attacked?
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I feel like this is a really good spot for a multi-tier solution. Moving watch towers much earlier on in the tech tree and following Lextenebris' idea of making them 'remote view points' so you can hop from tower to tower to get a good view point I think is a fantastic start. Later on, I'd love to see drones that require a nearby power source to function. Combine with eventually having a vehicle that can act as a mobile power source to run drones and you've got a really solid suite of progressively more powerful build tools I feel like.
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Well I recon we should have to research a Satelite and its tech, and then build one and then launch one, great mid game content.
Then have updateable resolutions for the satelite and maybe even give it a couple of special tasks it can do for the player.
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Honestly I think a drone idea is pretty meh, it's not really in line with the feel of the game.

Early game is supposed to be messy, before you clear an area and build foundations and platforms.

An upgraded jet-pack would really be the next step really for longer flight times and hovering/keep altitude.

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Modular base layout is what the foundations and lookout tower are for!

Build on foundations for an easy square layout..

While finding your placement location look for a blue line on the ground, it indicates that you are centering with something nearby.
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I was thinking that maybe as a middle ground it could only be used to build "ghosts" (a la Factorio), then you'd have to place down everything by hand?
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Foundations are great, the look out tower does not really fill its purpose in my view. I love the idea of unlocking a 'drone' capability, but it would always be directly above your head, have a limited distance view, and MOST IMPORTANT, be an orthographic view and not a perspective view. Placing the space lift took some team work!
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I'm using the foundations and lookout towers for layouts all the time, and I get frustrated very fast with it, because the 1st person viewport of your character is just not good enough to properly place your stuff.
Best example to demonstrate it: placing coal generators sucks.
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The foundations are doing a great job, the watch tower is not. The ability to switch your point of view quickly to them in such a way that they don't obstruct your own point of view would be a huge improvement.
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Would be great to have a drome to see what is high above you or just over that cliff you ran into
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I think a switch to third person view might be enough already. First person is just a bit too close.
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I think it's made this way for a reason - if you make everything so easy I think it will take from the fun of building everything yourself from first person view.

I really like the idea of watch tower. Gives a good look at what you're building but it has a cost of having to build it and climb on it everytime. In my opinion it's better for gameplay.

And finally there is no material loss when moving your buildings, so if you don't like your current layout just rearrange it untill you find one that suits you.
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It is indeed annoying to have to place or buildings and conveyors strictly from the engineers perspective. it is okay at the start of the game but get really annoying later on when you have huge stacked conveyor belts and need to change something around that. usually you have no good point to stand on from which you can see and do the stuff you want and thus must build a lot of temporary foundations/walkways/watchtowers first. jetpack helps a little but it cant stand still in the air so it's useless for precision construction. 

The obvious solution would be a small quadcopter like drone equipment that can stand perfectly still in the air. it should be a normal equipment item that is launched when used and switches camera to the drone. while viewing through the drone camera the engineer should be able to fully construct and deconstruct buildings as usual (however using the engineers inventory, not the drones). therefore it should have only limited operation radius around the player - leaving it will disable the drone and let it crash. furthermore the drone would be unable to pick up anything itself (at least not the basic drone variant). it would have an additional hotkey to immediately return to the player and switching the camer back to the engineer. 

additionally as the drone would be just as invaluable for scouting (locating hard drives/power slugs) it would make sense to have an advanced version with the scanning tool incorporated. furthermore the game could add birds that are passive towards the player but attack drones in order to make exploration more difficult in some areas. 

the drone should become available at tier 2 or 3. there should be either advanced drone variants later on or it should have an own limited inventory for equipment slots where upgrades can be placed in (e.g. scanner, improved radio range and other range upgrades, nobelisks, grappling arm, fuel).

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