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I would like to see some more survival aspects. espacially in the defending your base department. Here's are some throughts:

some equipment attract wild life putting them in danger
 - miners / powerplants / constructors could produce a constant amount of thread
 - trucks could attrackt wild life leading them to your base

perimeter defence
 - defence equipment to defence from wild life. Like (electric) fences or limited range shock towers that would require the player to make power buffers to repel wild life and defend outposts.
 - upgrades for equipment with a single use emp (early defece with drawbacks). once equipment gets attacked the emp fires killing the wild life around it. leaving the equipment powered down for a fixed amount of time. also spikes the power grid that might shut down the entire grid if it's over capacity
- Rebargun equiped trucks that you can patrol your factory inside fences and cargo routes. requires to be reloaded with rebars as ammo
- fences could keep wildlife at bay but not will take a long time to get them killed. taking lots of power or break in the process if power is interrupted. patrols are able to take out wild life much faster
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Very good idea, but it would be necessary to be able to activate or not in the option of creation of world
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Another idea: when I first placed power poles, coincidentally some "humming birds" (or whatever they are) grouped up around the cables. I honestly thought they'd become an infestation attracted by electricity.
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I agree. There needs to be something disturbing the peace of my factory.
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100% behind this idea.
As my friend that I played with said, the game is just, too easy. There's no real difficulty, or sense of progression. Maybe it will be fixed later, but right now things are pretty stale, and a bit of "find your own fun" style. You could essentially complete the game with minimum effort, especially later on when there's dedicated servers and a single miner per resource can be allowed to just do its thing on its own, especially if you put it on a pure deposit. The only difference a larger factory makes is the time it takes for you to have unlocked everything. At least in factorio, people can be silly and fight for the highest vanilla rockets per minute, or they can fight against a ton of enemies, on randomly generated maps and so on.
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Whether we like it or not, Satisfactory is the 3D version of Factorio and it will be always compared to its 2D competitor. Satisfactory is way better than Factorio and has a lot of potential, but...

This game is just too easy!

What is the END GOAL?

After I build my dream factory, what next?

Devs should really add survival mechanics and combat to this game like base defending with turrets, more guns, more creatures, swarm attacks, teleportation, different types of walls. It would make the game more challenging. It would stimulate your imagination and force you to think of new strategies of defending whilst building or when you are far away from you main base!

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I would rather not have this unless there was a system to say exactly what was broken and where. I feel if you have a large factory and some bloody lizard breaks 1 conveyer built it would get very boring to constantly be running around trying to fix stuff
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appreciate your feedback. But this is not a answer and should have been put in a comment instead.

I do agree on that if buildings would get broken a clear notification should there to let the player know whats going wrong
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The devs have specifically stated there will be no base-breaking or attacks from wild animals. This is a factory game, not a survival game.
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pretty nice idea I like it
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