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You can get stuck in a conveyor belt after building when you stand in a place where it is going to run along.
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Yes, I was about to post about this and saw yours. I was thinking either it simply shouldn't let you place it or should just nudge your character out of the way.
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I'd suggest that the conveyor belt would only materialize up to where the player is standing, then as the player moves, it would keep materializing the rest of the belt.

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That's a cool idea

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Simply deconstruct belt,move to one side and reconstruct.
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This is a known issue so hopefully a fix will be in the EA release! There are certain conditions where a belt will be built but it shouldn't be allowed, such as going through other belts, rocks, trees, the ground and players. When it intersects with a player you can't move. Simply deconstruct the belt segment with F and you're free again!

Also duplicate of this issue:

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I'm playing with EA release and I got stuck in conveyor belt a few days. Bug seems to be not fixed.
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That is not a duplicate dude
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What I like to do is if you are inside if the belt jump right as you place it
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just delete it and rebuild it?
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