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A conveyor belt visible by the host player was invisible to me in multiplayer.
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yeah this is happening in my game as well very frequently, sometimes even buildings placed by clients cannot see it.
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I am unable to see random sections of the enormous base that my friend and I are building. There will be random floor segments missing, random walls etc. My character does not fall through them, so I suppose they are still somewhat solid. It seems that my client wants to fall however, because the game starts to have some kind of glitched falling animation with a lot of screen jitter when I walk over one of these segments.

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This can happen on every object. Not only conveyor belts. I have the problem most of the time building walls or basements. If you reconnect, the problem seems to be solved.
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I know this is a solution, only problem that it takes extra time... When my friend is building a factory with a lot of walls etc he needs to reconnect a lot of times. Can't the developers just fix this bug? Can we get this to their attention?
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A quick and dirty solution to this is for the host to deconstruct the invisible item and then either player can place it with both being visible.
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Edit: After posting my answer, this seems to still apply albeit maybe for two different reasons.  There are actually many possible scenarios that could result in the same issue.

After reading through the information about how their network optimization took place in this last patch I noticed a few similarities.  First off, they reduced the size and attempted to only send information that was deemed "relevant to the client" (potential hazard A).  Secondly, they reduced the frequency that clients received updates on certain items deemed "stationary" or unchanging.  Thirdly and lastly from my perspective, this issue occurs "randomly" but seems to be happening most during periods of extensive building by a single client.

Now I don't work for Coffee table games, and I only know what I can see without looking into the code, but I suspect the issue has to do with either A, B or (most likely) a small combination of the two.  Since the host (currently the server) always knows that the information is there, meaning he can see and delete said invisible structure, that means that the initial packet was sent and verified by the server.  The fact that the clients can reconnect, also means that when the game loads, the information is in the server and is sent at startup.

Second, since the host can delete and either player can re-place the object, that also means that the check and update packets (now delayed by time) are no longer getting dropped.  This used to occur because of the buffer overflow getting dropped due to bad netcode, but it seems now what is more likely is that some of these are just not getting included in the updated sync packets.  This could be the result of both A and B if certain structures are only allowed to send their sync data every X seconds.  Additionally, the replication state does not seem to be representing the structure updates.  If the replication state takes place before the entirety of the data is sent, but is still sent in the same window, its possible that the update is just getting lost due to miniscule timing differences.  Additionally, If you build more structures than the data allows, the buffer fills for the prepared scheduled sync packets and again you have buffer overload but for a different reason.

Just going to throw out a disclaimer, this is entirely speculation based on reading the article about what their network optimization patch did here: https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/GafgarDavallius/20190718/346598/Satisfactory_Network_Optimizations.php .  

TL;DR - Chances are this has to do with the network optimization.   I also want to throw out expectations for the fix - They are currently on summer break and likely so until the middle-end of August :-( ... but we can hope :-)!!
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I'm going to guess you're incorrect, as this has been going on since long before those optimizations were implemented. Look at the dates on this thread, the original post was 4 months ago.

It is most likely lost packets, but could be a number of other issues. Possibly a bad piece of information in a packet that when the client tries to implement into it's game world, it finds it can't for some reason. It should be fixed eventually as I doubt people are going to be okay with this in a final product, but who knows when. :)
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already mention somewhere I think but right ! :)
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This can happen even when a client places any object. For me it happens a lot when placing foundation or walkways. Once the object is placed you can "walk on it" or "Bump" into it. But I get serious rubber banding. An example for Foundation, is when I place one it never shows up visually but I can no longer place a foundation piece in the same location and can't interact with that "piece."
To fix this just quit and rejoin the game.
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Yes, this is a constant and frequent issue for our game. Perhaps one in every 50-100 pieces will be invisible. It would have been placed, but is invisible to all clients.

Interestingly, when we have two clients in the game, both of us cant see the same items. Its almost like a host related issue?
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