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Would be nice if we can snap merger/splitter to the input/ output of building making factor building more clean.
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Hells yes.  Can't think of a reason not to.
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Yes I wanted this so much! And to be able to snap splitters/mergers together and stack on top of each other. I could build much more compact and intricate systems with that functionality
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Absolutely a must, since snapping conveyor belts became harder in experimental. Splitters/mergers have to be put too far now from any output/input to be able to connect, which consumes a LOT of space in heavy factories. The game is great btw, keep up the terrific work! :)
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Have my vote!

I think it would be a good ingame solution with the existing tools / mechanics to the problem, that the (overclocked) miner output outruns the belts which would render it useless to overclock rare nodes.
I think the requirement to build many lower tiered belts to supplement higher tiered ones balances out the issue that higher tiered belts become somewhat obsolete since you don't get the transportation of the equal amount for free. Instead, you have to put in more time to get the lower tiered belt system to work. Plus, there's no 1200 units per min belt yet, but the recently released miner mk 3 on pure overclocked to 250% produces exactly that.

Make splitters snap-able to outlets of production facilities and to themselves! pretty pleeeease ;)
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Absolutely agree. Having mergers and splitters be able to just snap to buildings would make a lot of fiddly bits obsolete and give the ability to move things at even higher speeds. Think splitting an output of a storage to 3 belts, then merge them again into another container. Or as someone else pointed out: Getting the most out of the MK3 miners with 1200/min rates.

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It's not the same thing and the post you provide is also mine. In this post, I ask about snapping merger/splitter to the output/input of a building, in the other post, I ask about staking (not snapping) mergers/splitter (have one splitter/merger on top of another splitter/merger)
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