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well i always loved those kind of games and i was amazed by this game

cause its a very good game well developed and it has great characteristics but in some factors it needs help, here are some of the bugs that i found with a couple of friends and alone during the test weekend

about the conveyor belt

-when you build a belt and you are in the middle of its way you stuck into the lane and you can not do anything except from deleting that lane(belt)

-it has not problem getting through rocks,trees,grass,or even inside an another belt

-you can easily built belts on the walls but not the conveyor wall i am talking about the regular wall

- you can easily create belts that are build seriously in the air with no support at all

-the idea of the foundations is great ,but the also have no problem at all by the trees and rocks etc.all of those things get inside of the foundations and every other building


i think that you can add lots of more options and capabilities to this factor


i really enjoyed that factor but there are allot of other ways so that you can produce electricity (water,sun,wind)

-there was a glitch that i found that when you build a power line you can get it pass inside the walls (you firstly create the line and after you build the wall ....you can not do the opposite thing )

i did not find other bugs

but its a great game
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There's also a bug with the Milestones where you can still put in resources and launch the pod even if it's not back yet by shift clicking on the resources needed.
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did not noticed that1 ....nice...
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i think everything you've stated above has been mentioned before , but if not please post them individually so they can be up/down voted
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