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Greetings! Played 2 sessions over the weekend, starting over, and found a few inconsistencies/bugs.

1: I had a save going for 6 hours, then I deleted all my saves, as I was going to start a new one for my second, recorded playthrough. After deleting every save from the load menu, there was still a "continue" option. I decided to choose it, and well, it just pretty  much started the game again, without prompting me to set a name or "choose a map" (I actually wanted that screen to start recording, lol, but whatever).

2: On my second playthrough, I took a wrong/weird research choice. I got the chainsaw research and build it, but I didn't have the research to get its fuel. I mean, I thought I could feed it with Biomass by mistake, but still, felt a little weird to do so. Have you ever considered having some "tech tree" to prevent this kind of "mistakes"? It actually makes no sense to allow player to do that.

3: I noticed I could place Eletric Poles above some constructions, like the Storages. I could do so only by linking wires, but it didn't seem to work if I were actually placing them alone using the hotbar. Seems a little inconsistent as well due to that.

4: I died by jumping on a cliff, respawned, and the map constantly reminded me with a player indicator over me, and an unreachable body indicator too, after doing that.

5: When I first entered the game, the music seemed to be too loud compared to all other sounds. I know it can be adjusted, but it sounded a little off by default.

6: On my second playthrough, I tried to reset the keybindings, but it looks like it didn't work.

7: Along with that, any chances to allow multiple inputs for each action? I often remap my keys like that, actually.

8: I also saw some inconsistency in the options (graphics/sound), looks like I adjusted them on the menu before starting the game just fine, but after launching the game and checking them, it seemed like they were at different settings.

9: Any chances of a build-in FPS meter? Kinda missed it, I'm used to Steam showing my FPS on all games, it's very useful to tweak the graphics and notice drops better.

10: The game seemed to run a little slowly at times on my GTX 1070, I just assume it'll be optimized later, is that the case?

11: When you change the keybindings, the AI will tell you to press the wrong keys.

12: Is there a way to quick-switch "weapons"? I really missed a way to place them on the hotbar or something like scrolling with mouse to switch. Having to open tab and drop them there wasn't really quick.

That's all I can remember right now, I hope I didn't forget anything! Well, the game is great, huge fan here. Here's my "first impressions" review in brazilian portuguese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u80QlETS8M
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