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If for example I have 4 kinds of items coming in into a splitter. Is there a way to select which item comes out of each of the outputs?
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And what is the answer?
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Nope there isnt, Maybe its an upgrade for later on when you get more advanced electronics.
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In early acces there is some "secret" ore that you can find, analyze and then you will unlock smart splitter and some other cool stuff.
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Any hints on where to find this magic ore?
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Well I've played the early access now for 26 hours and, unless I'm missing something, the splitters are not programmable. To be honest the whole logistics side seems very weak. Containers with only one output - you can't designate containers to only release a certain item - you can't specify a limit on items in containers - you can't get splitters to choose items for each exit - there is no sorting/filtering capabilities. All this gives a kind of 'dumbed down' feeling and I will now wait a few months to see if the crux of the game is improved.

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Like this: Splitter sorting

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Currently no, would be nice if it's planned though.
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I have read that there is currently no way of doing so, however I have looked around the wiki are there may be either on the release (19th i think) or added later on
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In one of Jace's videos on the youtube channel I believe he showed a sorting splitter, could be wrong though
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I think that there will be this kind of thing in early access or added later in the game.
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