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Ok, so, as a general report on my experience so far. I want to preface this by saying my overall experience has been great.

The stairs are need some work, they connect weirdly at the top and aren't quite right for connecting well to walkways. and so far all of my "Left Stairs" don't texture properly.

Invisible everything. I've mostly been playing coop with a friend and have found that anything and everything is capable of just plain being invisible (he is host) Anything from foundations, to structures (observation tower was the one that didn't show), walkways to enemies. - Including, but not limited to those damned sentient tree things that spew gas.

We need the fruit trees to regenerate over time, it's a massive hassle to always have to find a new source every time you get injured and use some. Or a way to cultivate them after researching them perhaps, like a hydroponics bay or something?

The pathing for the conveyors could do with a little work, I tried to use the wall conveyor (perpendicular) to make a conveyor around the outside of my factory, but going from corner to corner it tries to go in a straight line instead of around the wall.

Running things over with the tractor aught to do  more than ragdoll them too. should at least do some damage to it.

And a way to quick-swap what's in your hands I think should be a must. I mean, if I'm out there doing some large-scale deforestation for my factory with my chainsaw then run into an enemy you're pretty dead.

Oh, using the parachute should not use EVERY parachute in your inventory either. Should be able to take out a few and have it be more than single use.

The gameplay itself is great, the graphics are wonderful and the enemy AI works. Keep up the good work.

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Oh yea, and need some corner slopes so that we can make a nice tidy "L" shape sometimes instead of having the corners of foundations sticking out like a sore thumb where two sets of slope connect.

Edited to add;

Numbers on the power output display of the generators would be so advantageous. I mean, I *KNOW* the line is my max output, and I know what my max output is, so I know I'm *somewhere* near capacity, but numbering the vertical axis, even if only by tens with a corresponding horizontal line so that we could see the fluctuations with more clarity would be such a great help.

And something that has annoyed me since the start. Certainly when placed on foundations, you have to jump to get into the hub, the lowest part of the hub floor is too high to simply walk into.

And the Storage chest in the hub keeps changing colour to black instead of red.
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