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I accidentally put the wrong item on a belt (from a storage container) and it clogged the furnace (I believe it was biofuel). There was no way to remove the clog: I could not manually take it off the belt since it went into the furnace. Only fix was to deconstruct the furnace.
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I switched the recipe on these occasions. By that, the stuff is removed and put into your inventory
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Yea, can confirm that the only way to fix is to destroy the furnace/constructor/assembler/etc. Changing the recipe only works if the thing on the conveyor belt is a valid input for any of the recipes that machine takes as input. Otherwise, it bugs and you cannot fix the issue without destruction.

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This is a known bug. The only way to get it out currently is to switch to a recipe that can take the item, take the item out of the inventory and then switch it back. Aside from that, just deconstruct the smelter.

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Tried to go in the furnace and take it ?
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I looked inside the furnace and there was nothing to take. The biofuel didn't go in the ore spot, so there was no way to see it to manually grab it.
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It only works if the resource can be processed in the machine. IE  If copper ingots are going into a constructor building iron rods, you can temporarily set the constructor to copper wire and the copper ingots will appear in the constructor's inventory so you can remove them.
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Yeah, the easiest way is to reset recipe.
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