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The main problem I had when playing the game was not being able to tell the beacon markers apart. So I think that adding the ability to color code them and that color with the name and distance shown on the compass.
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The tool tip said they would be colourable, but i didn't find how to do this. Maybe it's still WIP.
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Yeah I think the white space under the name when editing the beacon is going to be the color picker but the distance would be great
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So many posts signaling the same issue concerning the beacon distance not communicating the HUD nor Compass the distance nor where they are when passing right next to them by glowing bright green or display a hi-vis icon on top when player at 30m or closer...

In WIP we trust indeed.

I hate to relay on my ore finder to guess the distance to my coal deposit (maybe it's mine) to then guess the distance home... Where am I, Oh my! I may have missed a turn, I thought I put a beacon there, I see it on my compass but just can't find it...

Driving pass them little sticks, hiding with other little stickses is anhoying.

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We had the same idea.  This would be very helpful in mid - late game. +1
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I would love, if the name of the beacons would show on the compass UI.
Names and/or text is almost always self explanatory, whereas colors - not so much.
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