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Hello guys,

I played it for almost 6 hours and it was a pleasure for me, but I found some detail that could be change somehow and maybe it would help to improve players experience.

1. Players small storage boxes - during time I played sometimes was small storage at the HUB not enough, so I think this might be add in early game, not after a few upgrades of HUB.

2. Small bugs -  Animal under construction - I played my HUB on the open field and when I was attacked by an animal from time to time, the animal get under the construction and was not possible to kill that or get it out, so it just took my HP and I could do nothing about it. I had to restart the game.

                      - Craft button in workbench - sometimes when I used the WB happens to me that craft button disappeared. It was not possible to craft items, I just  need to reopen WB.

Thank you for this great experience.
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The storage is supposed to be small, you can easily craft the large containers right from the start if you're struggling. But I currently have a factory that it automating 10/12 of the craftable resources (not including biomass/fuel and slug batteries) and never once thought the starting storage was burdensome. It's all about resource management. Don't get too much useless stuff too early taking up spaces you need for other items.
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