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I feel like the bioreactors consume fuel way too quickly, even when feeding it biofuel (which is supposed to be the most efficient, going by its description). Half the time I'm running around, trying to grab every bush in sight. That becomes more and more of an issue, as I have to run further away from my factory to get fuel. I'm guessing there's going to be another power source, but for now, in early game, it's very grindy just to get power.
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you can research the chainsaw it can cut down trees very fast giving you thousands of biomass in a few mins
 but i think we need a way to auto supply it to the basic generator and be allowed to put more than 200 at once.
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That's good to know, but I haven't seen it available yet. I have the 2 reactors on the Hub and a seperate one to power what I have, and I don't feel like spending half my time on fuel gathering is a good balance. It would be nice if that chainsaw was available before the factory gets that power hungry. (I feel similarily about the conveyor belts. They need to be available 1 or even 2 steps earlier. So much pointless running back and forth)
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It would be better if the bushes and trees are regrowing after a time. Like 7 Days.
I also worry, if i get out of biomass soon.

Are they regrowing?
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You should be on coal(Tier 3) before you have any problems with running out of plants and trees
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