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Used system:

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz

GPU: NVidia GTX 980 4Gb RAM

RAM: 16Gb

OS:     Windows 10 Professional

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all let me thank you for giving me a very enjoyable weekend. From the email with the activation key to, up and including, the playing of Satisfactory, all went without any problems or big mishaps.

The game itself ran very smooth on my system and that's certainly better than some other alpha titles I've encountered.

You've created a wonderful alien world that certainly begs to be explored in depth and where beauty is mixed with a touch of peril and danger, just to make exploring less relaxing then just a stroll in the park.

Most of the exploring I've seen in streams on twitch though, as a frequent Factorio player, I personally was more interested in how you implemented the factory setup and how you "teach" new players to get to grips with the presented components.

The HUB used as a vessel to slowly let the player make the transition from in hand creation of products to using provided new machinery at each upgrade is a nice idea. I understood that hint immediately, but someone with no experience with this kind of factory games could go on for a long time building everything in hand at the work-bench. Maybe something to look at some time.

Obviously 3D building is very different from a top down 2D view and in the beginning it takes some time getting used to. Placement of most machines is very straightforward, although making the right alignment when one starts to get in more complex situations takes some trial and error and is probably due to me not correctly interpreting the placement help lines at first. All in all, after acquiring the correct mindset, building production lines is a fun and rewarding experience.

As a Factorio player I was a little surprised when the three way splitter and merger where introduced, but you get used to that quite quick, although it means that in most situations you even need more room then what you expect, yes, yes, I know, always think bigger.

A thing I actually just realized  this morning, and what I think is a great mechanic, is the clocking option for several machines. Obviously you are made aware of overclocking when the MAM is introduced and you research that green stuff (sorry forgot the name), what isn’t mentioned is the fact you can under clock as well. Instead of adding biofuel burners until you totally need to deforest your surroundings, you can tune machines by under clocking so they just produce what the next machine and belt in between can handle without waiting states, preserving power and reducing  needed fuel as well in the process. Very nifty.

In my play through I think I’ve unlocked everything including coal. The coal part I have not started though, first too little time to set up now, yes I took things slow, and also, when I took the tractor out to find spots shown on the scanner, there were no obvious ways to get there quick. Some wildlife was also very persistent to get in my way, so coal testing will have to wait to a later date.

Was there then nothing that stirred your gaming experience you might ask, well, to be honest, hardly. I got stuck between some trees a few times, and in my first play session I died in three minutes, all in a ‘normal day’ gaming work. As I said in the beginning, playing this game was a very enjoyable experience and for an alpha build I think that’s a big thumbs up for the developer team.

Finally, of course, there are some suggestions lingering in my brain, but I will restrain myself since I don’t know what you will come up with in later tiers, and then there will be enough time to vent those if needed.

Thanks for the great weekend people, much appreciated.

J. A. Bijsterbosch, a.k.a. Jananton

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"I think I’ve unlocked everything"   - FAR from it :-)

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well, I meant the available tiers in this alpha testing weekend of course, but you're right I should have been more precise in that statement. ;-)
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