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Ie, from iron ore or ingots to rods to screws, etc

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There is no point in doing this, you have constructors and assemblers.
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and would be great if could connect with an storage array so the workbench could pull items automatically. Something very simmilar with Subnautica Easy Craft Mod
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It's called your inventory
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Yea, if you want things to auto craft and get pulled straight from storage, then why not just watch someone else play? Will be about as exciting. That's LITERALLY what this game is about.
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In my opinion, this would be a great second tier craft bench.
Imagine, you have the (maybe nerved) hand crafting bench in a way it is now. And as you proceed, you can craft a (rather expensive) T2 bench. This bench is even slower but you select an endproduct and all the intermediate steps are done automatically.
The idea is: if you need e.g. one rotor you run to this bench an hold down the button for an annoying ammount of time and you get one to start the next xargo pod or to construct the next automated building.
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