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I have a merged storage container for screws and iron plates. I expected, when I connected a belt to the output, that the output would be mixed too. Only the iron plates come out.

Probably, when plates run out, the screws will come out too, but I intend not to run out of plates, I just wanted the storage container to act as a buffer between my constructors and assemblers. This is kind of illogical. Or maybe just in my opinion.
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Some kind of filter Splitter could help i believe there already is something like this in game but wasn't available in this alpha

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welcome to factory games - things sometimes don't work the way the player 'expects'.  time to work with the logic you're provided

storage pulls from the last slot of the container, if screws end up going in after plates at some stage - they'll get pulled out, and probably block up a machine down the line.
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this could easely be solved by placing the storage containers infront of the merger instead of behind. Sure it will take a little more space but your buffer will be bigger.
should be able to make different ration combinations (3,0 - 1,1 - 1,2)
if you play around with mergers and splitters together i'm sure different larger combinations would be possible although right now i don't really see the need
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