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I think this Lookout-Tower is nice. But actually climbing down that thing is somewhat neckbreaking. Instead of fixing just this issue, replace the whole thing with something more usefull:  a Lift/Elevator which can stop at different hight! So it could be used to access different levels of walkways or to get over cliffs and similar stuff.

It would be necessary to be able to connect walkways to this elevator tower.

Pressing "E" in the vicinity of this elevator could bring the platform to the same level as the player is standing on. This would be needed to "call" the elevator.
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Just making it a up down lift without the hassle of determining where floor stops should be would be a great start with room for improvement. I have only built a look out tower once to know what it was... none ever since.
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I like your idea, but instead of replacing it, this should be a mk2 tower, as the normal tower is still useful in early game, without all the gimmicks :)
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+1 to this! (and making it a "mk. 2" instead of replacing the existing tower).
-Make it have a wheel-type interface like the trucks and resource scanner to select your floor.
-Make it extendable
-Make it so we can define "nodes" or "stops" at custom intervals.
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I like this idea a lot (this was linked in a suggestion about walkways connecting to towers) and I think Supremacy2k's idea would be a really neat implementation of this.
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Agreed ! Difficult vertical movement is an issue by design in the early game so such a convenient tool would be more sensible later in the game – around the same time you can craft the boots I’d say.
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