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Bio was good, and I liked having to initially load the bio manually. It made me consider building locations, and kept me from venturing too far while exploring early. I set up my first automation for plates and bars, and copper wire. I had about 5 bio burners whenever I got to coal.

1 coal mine easily kept up with 3 fully overclocked coal plants. Suddenly, I had near infinite energy and scrapped all the bio. Even 3 regular coal plants dwarfs the bio.

In the alpha I feel like the step is staggeringly large. Biomass is rendered completely useless after a couple hours.

I didn't run around a ton, but pinged 6 coal locations from my base. I had over 300MW with the 1 coal mine, and I don't see burning through 1800MW (300x6) even with a ton of truck stations.

I assume the step just seems really large right now. We don't have many expensive buildings, and coal probably has more than one use that will require pulling coal away from the coal plants. (IE Truck stations need fuel for the trucks).

I would suggest a middle step that keeps bio more viable for a period of time. Either high end bio, or low end coal.
- High end bio - Automate bio. Why fill 5+ bio reactors, when I can trek across the map a bit and have an automated power source that dwarfs them? But if I can build 5 more bio reactors around a hopper, belt feeding it biomass from some auto-cutters, I might not feel obligated to run across the map for coal just yet. And I might not automatically delete all my bio upon reaching coal.
- Low end coal - An upgraded bio burner that burns coal for much longer periods of time than the biomass, and move coal plant up another tier. You'd manually load some coal, and then have plenty of time to work towards the coal plant, phasing out the bio burners.
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While I had the same experience with the coal plants, I also made the experience that the power needs of factories will probably spike pretty quickly when we consider that the next tier step will feature steel production and has a considerably higher power need as steels needs quite a few different components.
When making reinforced plates I took notice that the assembler already needs 20MW instead of the 4MW that the constructor needs.
So with a few more heavy production lines I guess even coal will become neccessary quite fast.
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I think a simple solution would just be to give the Biomass Burner more power output. Coal gives you the automation, but Bio could give you more power. Gathering all the materials is a pain in the early game, but I personally feel that the bigger issue is just how many of the things you need to get even a 3 resource production line going. You need upwards of 5 reactors, which you can then replace with basically 1/1.5 Coal plants. So I agree that that jump feels a little too big.

If Bio gave you more power than Coal though, there might be incentive not to just toss them all as soon as you can get to Coal power. Or at least might make the jump less total.
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By the end of the weekend, I started building towards tier 4 with a modular frame factory. Just putting that together, I went from a single coal generator to fully 6 to keep all of my construction afloat.

So I'm not sure there needs to be an intermediate generator stage if the consumption ramp is that steep so soon after acquiring it.
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