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If u hover over an Mk2 Belt with the Deconstructor [the "F" mode], the design of the belt changes to an Mk1 Belt.
Its only the design. everything else is still working fine.
I made a video to show it.

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my sincere apologies - I can only blame the plethora of unresearched, un-thoughtout, duplicated bug posts / suggestions i read in the last couple of days - I read your text and made a mistaken assumption.  

+10 on the video, its very clear what the problem is, just wasn't as obvious to me (initially / immediately) in your explanation.
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This still happens in the early access game. The belt design of Mk2, Mk3 and Mk4 all revert back to the design as used by the Mk1 belt with the deconstruct tool.

As also stated by the OP the belt still moves items at the correct speed of the placed belt version (Mk2, Mk3 or Mk4), just the texture changes.
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still happens, but only to the moving part of the belt.
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This bug is still a thing. And its so annoing. Please guys.. bump this up
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