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Just a few minor findings:

  • this was mentioned elsewhere already: parachutes. I was thrilled, equipped a few (not sure, why "a few", I suppose they are used up after a jump?).
    So I jumped off a higher place and - broke my leg. Meaning lost a couple of health points. Checked my inventory - wasn't carrying any and didn't have any. They just disappeared. Maybe I just don't know what they're really for.
  • Silica (or what it's called) is invisible in the inventory - for me it displays white on white, maybe it's my monitor settings, but I just see a white square
  • Building stairs: I wanted to build a spiraling stair case. This worked in a manner - many stair cases floating on top of each other with about a man's height between them - unreachable, too.

Not so much a bug, but maybe worth considering: the scanner becomes useless when scanning for berries, because it finds harvested berry bushes just the same. So with everything harvested around you it's constantly beeping but not helping.

There are a few features I'm missing, but I can't say whether they are simply missing or are meant to come in later achievement levels.

  • Filtering conveyor belts (container with multiple item types feeding an assembly will deliver a lot of junk). This would probably require containers with multiple outlets.
  • Containers: reserve amount of space used by every type of item, so a single item can't flood the container and block it for other item

The container thing: yes, you can create a container per item type, but since these things are so enormously large, it seems like a waste of space to do so.

A sort of map would be useful.

I think, that's it. Despite these things, I'd still happily buy the game as is.

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Silica isn't yet implemented (see dev roadmap, it's coming in april)

I believe there is an ingame map but there are multiple reports of it not functioning, and it is not in the tutorial so many people (myself included) missed it.

Aside from that, I think stairs and filters are a good idea, and I'm fairly sure filters of some kind are already done, if not in the Alpha.
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