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With the The test time now over lets get to the feedback.

  1. The terrain still needs a fair bit of work: 
    1. There were a lot of spots where the overlaps didn't go well together and created texture tears and in 1 case a whole I feel through.
    2. Object over laps. Lots of objects in caves overlaped each other. With plants and vegation this was fine and looked natural and ok. In the caves the mushrooms overlaping did not.
    3. Floating stones: In the caves (I noticed this a lot in very large cave tunnel with uranium and spiders in it) that some of the group stone assets were placed at angles making half the stones float.
    4. I'm sure they are not the final texture, but the large plain white boulders with very cheesy black crack on them. I'm sure this is not the final texture, but they don't fit at all.
  2. Building:
    1. I know it's been mentioned, but should not be able to build up and then remove the floor and the object remains. I.E. build for foundations stack on top, place a power pole and then deleted the foundations. Thus creating a floating power pole. 
    2. Placing foundations Should not be allowed to clip through blouders.
    3. Wall Belts should curve with the corners. Right now they clip through if going on the outside corner. http://prntscr.com/mwf3ok
    4. Suggestion - Walkways should be able to be build between machinary that has ladders.
    5. Suggestion - Some machinary like the constructor should be stackable like the storage containers.
    6. Suggestion - I see it's on the road map, but want to stress it: convory elevators.
    7. Suggestion - Not sure if it is in the tech tree later on, but a way to easly link stacked storage containers so they can over flow into each other.
    8. Suggestion - I know this will be hard, but foundations should clip away objects below it. Like grass and smoke. Really shouldn't see the grass poking through from below or the smoke form the smelter from the floor below.
  3. Gameplay:
    1. Map - Seems really silly there isn't a map. I mean we are there to exploit a planet for resources and the company doesn't send us with a device that maps the world? This is partly why I didn't not give locations for the terrian problems. There really isn't a nice way to tell you "here it is"
    2. Creatrues - The single flame shooters seem to have stupidly high hp compared to the ones that charge. Overall I think they need some balancing. 
    3. Rebar Gun - I think it should auto reload.
    4. The building quick bar is nice, but there needs to be a quick bar for hand held tools. When just exploring the world I died a few times trying to swap to a weapon from the object locator. 
    5. Resource limits. I think resource nodes should be configurable. I do and do not like that the resource sites are unlimited. I think when creating a new game you should be able to say "I want recourse to have X amount" or "Be unlimited" or "Produce less over time"
    6. Ability to skip the intro squence. 
    7. Some of the tutorials need to be tweaked for clearity. 
At the moment I do love the game, but will ultimatly be waiting for a while before picking it up. At the very earliest until Update #2 in the roadmap is completed. 
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lots of good stuff there, and a few duplications - would be better if you could post them individually for up/down voting and discussion
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