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Can you please connect personal storage that is located in the HUB with the Crafting bench. It would also be good to have the possibility of putting personal storage in the workbench also.
The idea is that you can put the necessary raw material inside the personal storage and then  Crafting bench or workbench can access those materials.

This will help players to share raw materials when in multiplayer. One can put the materials in the storage while the other one can use them in the benches.

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That would be very good. As Evan said, I think that the hub should have a permanent storage system connected to the craft bench.
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Subnautica has a mod called easy craft  that auto pull resources from nearby storage and automatically craft intermediate itens. So lets say that I have iron ore  with that mod I can run then directly into screws. Of course that isn't a direct craft and the craft times of all process are considerated
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It would be so neat if there were 4 or so shelves available to place personal storage crates in near the hub that were accessed during crafting. Having a conveyor input could be a little strange but I could see some uses for it.
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Nice idea.  Or at least let the craft bench store items like the Hub Milestones can, i.e. if I say I want to make a batch of beacons, let me poke the mats in as I get them.
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more upgrades of the hub with personal storage boxes and these linked to the workbench where nice!

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This function is available in the tractor atm i believe, but agree that it would be a nice hub feature.

@evan - whats not permenant about the hub storage?
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There could be a little crafting storage which you can automatically refill with belts. But if you have a big inventory in hub, it's not balanced placevise...
Another thing could be, that a storage of like 20-40 slots (maybe upgradable with tier?) in the hub implemented with crafting feature.
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To adress the OP and various commentors, while I agree that something you can manually fill attached to the HUB workbench (or even the storage that's right behind you when you're on it) that directly link to the bench as accessible materials would be great, I don't think that filling it automatically with conveyors would be a good idea. - That's literally what the assemblers and crafters are for to then connect them to a large storage tank. and let's be honest, once you're building big enough you won't be using the work bench anyway, everything wll be automated. But at least for in the beginning having access to the raw materials in the HUB storage when using the HUB bench would be ideal.

As for people keep referencing subnautica's auto craft - again, that's what the crafters are for, and also, if you want the game to play itself for you at early stages, just go watch someone else play or, you know, put in the effort to set up your factory to auto craft things since that's *literally* the entire point of the game?
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