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I'm a mechanical engineer for a firm that does a bit of work in factories. A lot of industrial equipment these days has an option to connect to a Building Automation System via IP or some other proprietary network protocol. Maybe it could be a late tier upgrade to be able to add a network card to machines that gives you the ability to remotely track parameters like fuel level, efficiency, output, recipe, remaining capacity in storage container etc. Players could set up alarms for if a certain parameter went above or below a threshold. It would also give you the option to put a machine in standby mode or change the recipe on a constructor. These are all things that a Building Automation System would be capable of in real life.
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while it has been suggested already I do like your additional info - perhaps transfer it to the ongoing thread?

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Yeah, I saw that other thread, but I decided to make my own with just a single suggestion. I could comment on the other one if you think that would be more effective.
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just don't want this to get missed with the way the voting system is.
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