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The size / scale of the space elevator seems a bit too extreme in comparison to all the other buildings.

If you don't build foundations for it, it probably is hanging in the air on one side.

Edit: I only mean the amount of space it needs on the ground. Everything else seems perfect!
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You haven't seen that space elevator they built recently  - in, where was it again? That is actually massive!

I see it as THE LANDMARK, just ignore the (HOME) symbol.
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I Just built a roof over my entire factory, was enough space there for the elevator and 8 coal power stations!

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You're right though, you probably should need foundations for it as if it doesn't properly attach to the ground it would probably fly off....
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Well, you have to find some flat space. For me it's  better to hang a little bit rather than getting mad, because area is not flat and I can't build it.
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That said, what me and my mate did, we put up two of the large foundation blocks on top of each other on the smallest block we could (2x2) built it on top of that to make it throw down support struts everywhere and then built up some more foundationd where it didn't have any struts, so it didn't look like it was hanging on nothing. That make it look pretty cool.
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Its a freaking space elevator, how unrealistic would it be if it would be so tiny and if you consider the ammount of resources you put in, It better be massive. I almost had tears in my eyes because I was so hyped about this thing.
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I mean you're on an alien planet dropped in with nothing more than a chisel and a PDA told to create an entire production line in less than a days time to manufacture advanced resources in minutes. I think a small space elevator is the least of our realism woes.
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