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The problem:

While playing I found myself wanting to transport and easily sort more than one type of resource between truck stations. I was unable to do it due to trucks having one inventory that gets unloaded all at once, without any type of sorting. Also, the stations only provided one input/output slot for belts. This in turn makes the truck logistics throughput very small (only one belt unless you're clever and load and unload one track between 4 stations or more for example).

Solution proposition:

A simple and cool solution for that issue would be to split truck inventory into smaller compartments (instead of having 30 slots in inventory, the truck would have three 10 slot compartments). Then, following the assumption that one station can either only load or only unload, it can have 3 I/O slots (up from 2) that change direction depending on the load/unload setting in UI menu.


I know probably this problem will be solved by trains in higher tiers (due to them having multiple wagons etc), but it would be awesome if trucks stayed viable in later stages of the game: for example when you need to route a lot of raw ore into your base, or want to transport 3 different intermediate products.

Also, for anyone intrested: below is a link to similar question describing another problem that could be also at least partially resolved thanks to above proposition.


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its an interesting suggestion - but it only solves the truck cargo issue, whereas the standard in-line filter / splitter that is suggested in the post you linked to can solve a LOT more issues including yours..... why create a new thread instead of adding your idea to the existing one?
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I love your idea !
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Exposure, easier for people to see it this way. also a separate idea that, even though possibly reduntant, not without merit
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Agree the idea has merit, i assume by now youve been able to try the advanced tech options for filtering?
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