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The problem:

The gameplay area available to players is huge and varied, but between different playthroughs the layout of resources / discoverable items like slugs stays the same, thus the player can get bored quickly. Also, currently it's not worth to add any type of high quality mod support due to game evolving so quickly.

Solution proposition:

At least for the duration of early access, is should be relatively easy to introduce a placeholder support for simple map modifications introduced by players.

This could be done in form of a simple XML (or JSON) file that a modder can manually create and place somewhere in game data files. The file would contain a very simple list of objects that would be parsed by game when creating a new game, and then spawned in addition (or replacement) to the regular veins, slugs, spheres etc. The format of a single item in XML can be even something very simple, for example:

<item id="0", pos="100|32|52", rot="0,64,0" />

would mean that game can spawn item with ID of 0 (for example normal iron vein) at specified position and rotation.

Introducing that feature would also mean having to enable players to somehow read their in-world XYZ positions.
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