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Sometimes, I don't want automatic production of 24 stacks of an item and I only want maybe no more than 6 stacks. For example, I do not want my iron rods to go into making 24 stacks of nails. It would be nice to allow only a desired amount of slots to be taken up in storage containers

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whilst there may be more storage control / options in the tech tree somewhere, a short term workaround is to fill those extra slots with 1 leaf each or similar as they conveyors won't be able to place screws there.
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Yea, I really gotta agree, If you have enough output to produce 24 stacks of rods to go towards screws then why not have a full container? your screws will then move on into their own container that will get full, or be shifted into production of plates/rotors so you never have to shut down production. Thats the exact aim of the game. Productivity. Why limit yourself to only using say 1 storage container for 3 items if your output can fill three containers and still end up backing up the process? Ok, sure, 1 container is neater than 3, but, come one, this is a factory simulator, while there's a certain amount of neatness and order than *can* be bestowed on this, it's still a factory simulator. You're supposed to have massive walls full of storage containers of every known craftable product.
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But when you're only building storage so you have space to store things because you ran out of storage for the things you're storing, how much time do you really need to invest in upgrading the storage as opposed to just...accepting that you have filled the storage and moving on with your life?

What do you need massive walls full of storage containers of every known craftable product for? That's not a description of something fun, for most people - even in the genre for Factorio and this game, there are lots of people that would prefer to slap down a prefab building, route a few belts around, then go explore while the machine outputs the needed parts.
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so dont place a storage container - jsut let the machine hold the single stack - the next option is the 24 storage...

you 'could' make 6 constructors for screws with no output conveyors so that you have 6 stacks pre-made....
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Indeed. I really don't get what this is about anymore. I mean, the aim of the game is to have an automated factory making just about every known product to then blast it off into space with the space lift / launch pod. No? I mean, please forgive me if I'm wrong, but that's how it seems like to me. So having a large wall of storage, probably backed up eventually (waiting for you to take from it for building more/sending off) would be ideal, no?
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Everybody plays differently, i try to accept that i may not understand thier motivation (and may even consider it crazy), but I offer possible solutions if i can.
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Use 2 separate storage containers? How poor you have to be to not afford 2 of those they are cheap af xD
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That is not what I mean. I would like to configure a storage container so that only 6 of the 24 slots can be filled. Essentially making it a smaller storage container
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Yes but what is the point of not having a full container when you can, I understand having many item types in one but in my opinion it only makes it more chaotic. Yet you May be right that dedicated space is a cool concept, but even if it was to do like 6 and 12 stacks for further assembling of more complex stuff you can only have one Output. Storage containers are currently ment to store 1 Type of an item :/
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