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When you reach the limit, having everything shut down with a big scary sound, followed by the dead silence of your non-working machines is really great. I think having the conveyors stop in a few seconds at the same time would ad to this feeling of sudden quietness when everything turns off!

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this can never happen in this game because belts are not powered...

so if you have say 20000 belts running and one power gen goes down you cant lose all 20k because they are not connected in any way to power consumption
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but wouldn't it be nice, if the power would come through the connection with a constructur, assembler, storage container etc.?
this would force you to keep the belts short.
I really like the truck station and the idea of transport a huge amount of items from one place to another. but there is not really need to use them.
When a belt would cost power, then you think twice if you build a spaghetti of belts through the map from all nodes to you massive factory.
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