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Please add glass walls / windows

My megafactory-in-progress has the potential for some stunning views of the surrounding landscape
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Maybe some kind of glass floor would be cool, while building over ravines or as some kind of glass ceiling.
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You have silica resource in game, needed for Aluminum. Very easy to implement what you say.
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Glass is in the game, just not in the update, they currently take iron and concrete to make, but silica/quartz may be used when they're finally implemented.... If you want to see them you can check out this video:
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You could also use the limestone to make sand out of it :)
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In real life silica sand is used for glass (not alone, but you understand...) Lime is used for somethingelse...not proper for glass

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This would be good, currently I just use the conveyor wall to simulate windows. But actual windows and doors might be cool, instead of just a massive open arch that somehow uses the same amount of metal as a complete wall?
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That massive open arch that uses the same amount of metal still has to provide the same amount of 'support' so all that metal is in there.... trust me.  LOL
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Your answer sounds like a question. But are the windows wip or not?
Element of answer acording to www.satisfactorygame.com roadmap and in line with @DCSL:

Update #1 - End of April
• Quartz Research Chains (fingers crossed)

Darn: Transparent Aluminium! (Al+O2+N2) hmmm O2+N2+refined Bauxite. Let's harvest poison! I'm sure it has loads of O2+N2 in it, fondamental reactives to produce Transparent Aluminium:


To produce bulletproof glass or windows and other structures:

By the way... it exists: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium_oxynitride

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ive been thinking this the whole time i've been building. The views these maps have are amazing and it would be brutally awful to cover them up with non-glass walls
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Your "answer" sounds like a comment.
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Glass. Yes. See through surfaces.

I particularly want a transparent walkway. It is currently difficult to get a good top down view without falling down.
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What’s the point of a glass wall? Why not just have no wall? It’s not like you need to keep the rain out...
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