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If you build a belt and you are in the middle of its way you stuck into the lane and you can not do anything.You must to delete that belt !

You can  create belts that are build  in the air with no support from a
foundation or something.

The idea of the foundations is great ,but the also have no problem at all by the trees and rocks etc.all of those things get inside of the foundations and every other building

If you create a line and after you build the wall the line is passed over the wall without problem

I really liked the way electricity works, but I would like to add more sources(sun,wind,water)

I really liked the idea of the game and the way it is played. I just want to buy it if I find it at a better price

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I hope they do add alternative power as well.
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every single thing here is a duplication,
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Mate I really wrote that article . I played about 15 hours this game ! I think it  have no point to copy  something that i found too.
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let me clairfy - instead ofwriting down all the bugs you found and the suggestions you want to make - you're supposed to look at what other people have already found / suggested and ADD your comments or upvotes / downvotes to theirs.

that way its very easy to quantify that 600+ people want power lines to be able to be mounted/connected to walls for example, rather than finding 2000 seperate "my feedback on everything" lists that take days to churn through.

you create a new topic when you have a new idea or a new bug.
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╬čk mate will take care of this. I read many articles and I think all the bugs I found have been reported by other users!
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