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Not sure if this is going to make the balance of the intended game tip, but i suggest mid game availability of Solar and Wind power generation with high component cost, low power production and intermitent power availability (inground).

But of course a lot of people (including me) will criticize the solar option, as there is no silicone in game.

In all honesty the installation and completion of the space elevator should provide solar power generation from the elevator itself. and in return in ground gases and liquids should be processed and sent up (Diesel/RP1, Oxygen, water, etc).
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Maybe not solar power, but definitely wind power would be good.
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Yeah, I think the balance for in-ground gameplay may change too much with the solar even if it is only producing during the daytime. and I do agree with the wind power it stays within the current components available in-game.
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What's wrong with coal? Seems it would take a while to exhaust the utility of that, so I'm not really sure what need solar/wind would fill.

Assuming we're doomed on the pollution front, anyway.
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Well as mentioned I was suggesting this for the future mid game mechanics. where fuel sources will be further and further away from home base.
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