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Loving the game. I've put together a 3 part "first impressions" video series of me playing through it. Please let me know your comments.


I talk of crashes that caused me to lose content, but that was my PC, not the game.

I honestly haven't found anything game breaking, though my one suggestion would be to allow you to interact with items from slightly further away. You have to get quite close to things to interact with them.

I also feel like there should be some kind of zoom-out overview mode, because it's very easy to get lost in your machines since they are so big. This could perhaps be a research option, maybe launch a drone that lets you view everything from a birds eye view?

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You can build the Lookout Tower & even build from the top.
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Good point. I didn't think of the tower. I actually didn't bother unlocking it. Serves me right I guess :D
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