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In certain cases a player may die in void (like bottomless lake) while exploring for nice base spot before building a Hub. Then he can't loot the body to get hub parts back so progress is stuck and he needs to start over.

So let player craft hub parts though it would be unrealistic making it from ore... OR start with some more basic device (craftable) that a player needs to use with some ores before he is able to make hub.
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No need - if you haven't placed your Hub you haven't really started - just start over.
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@Revenge That's a good point, too.
And in addition to that I just realized: If you manage to loose your Hub/Hub parts (the most valuable thing that you own in the early game), that is like the only way how you can really fail in the game and how you could get a "MISSION FAILED"-screen that asks you to start over again.

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The Hub contains very high/advanced technology so in my opinion it wouldn't make sense to make the parts craftable in the early (or mid-) game.

I think you only had bad luck that you died before placing your Hub and that it additionally happend in a difficult accessible location.
Seems more like a rare scenario to me.

Furthermore instead you could just place your Hub asap, get the first few research steps done and then try to find a better place for your actual factory since you can easily dismantle the Hub and rebuild it somewhere else (when you're already knowing where you want to go... which results in a smaller chance of dying in a bottomless lake, lol).
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Good point haha. I was thinking of some initial device like Survival Constructor in Empyrion game.
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