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Hey, I played the open alpha during the weekend and had quite a lot of fun, even though I unfortunately could not spend as much time on the game as I would have liked to.

During my play sessions I documented everything that annoyed me, and every bug I encountered. Below you will find this list separated into bugs/minor annoyances sorted from most to least annoying.

All observations made in single-player.


•    Mouse suffers input lag in all in-game menus, even though the game is otherwise lag-free

•    The resource cost for a power line, when selecting the power line tool and placing a pole, is not correctly displayed. The cable-cost is stuck at 1, regardless of cable length

•    On dying, a player marker may appear in the centre of the Hud compass, which disappears only after reloading the save

•    No key prompt (e.g. “press [E] to open”) appears when picking up items from a dead player

•    Items which are dragged in the inventory remain attached to the mouse (which also remains visible) when the inventory closes due to an animation


•    The fall-damage feedback is poor. In many situations I hadn’t realised I received fall damage until I checked my health. Feedback when falling from a height that is just short of inducing fall-damage would also be welcome, to communicate said height to players, and to indicate to new players that the game has fall-damage

•    The game doesn’t pause in single player

•    The inventory button should close other open inventories, such as containers or the workbench

•    The large beasts with long legs which resemble whales tilt when walking on sloped surfaces. This takes away from their otherwise majestic appearance as it results in quick jerky movements, that can at times look silly

•    The “press and hold [KEY]” prompt could be replaced with just “hold [KEY]”, taking up less screen space and communicating the same thing

•    Consumables must first be equipped to be consumed. Directly consuming from inventory would be preferable

•    Items when dragged by the player are very large and block out a significant portion of the UI. The mouse lining up exactly with the top left corner of the item also feels strange

•    The button that needs to be pressed to view the hub upgrades doesn’t look like it is clickable at first

While this list may give the appearance that I did not enjoy the experience, the opposite is true. I think it is well-polished for a game in this state, and will defiantly buy the early access version. The atmosphere of the game is amazing, and its mechanics feel quite satisfying. Overall, I am very impressed.

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Well written and structured feedback. I'd be happy to recieve this if I was a developer of the game.
I agree with everything you've written except one point:
"•    Consumables must first be equipped to be consumed. Directly consuming from inventory would be preferable"

I'm fine with equipping the fruits and things before consuming it (and that this is animated) but I wish it'd be easier to equip it. Like doing shift+click on the equippable things or making them accessible via hotkeys.
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Very good list!
100 % true!
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